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Car Detailing


Make your car shines with Vinnie's Auto Body car detailing service. We can polish and buff your car's paint to a shine. We use high quality polishes and waxes to create that show car look. We can do the same for your car's interior too. From cleaning and feeding your car seat leather to shampooing your vehicle's carpets, our auto detailing department will make your car look like new. Our detail center excels in buffing, waxing, clay bar use, leather, carpets and special needs.


  • Auto Paint Machine Buffing & Polishing
  • Car Waxing & Sealing
  • Car Interior Protection Treatments
  • Automotive Interior Deep Cleaning
  • Exterior Detail
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Scratch & Swirl Removal
  • Paint Sealant
  • Clean Leather & Vinyl


Maintain the beauty of your vehicle with our comprehensive auto detailing program. Keep your cars paint in top condition with a regular polish and wax. We can even apply special paint sealants and glazes to guard your paint against sun damage or environmental pollutants.


Schedule an Appointment for Auto Detailing

Call 973-263-2414 today to schedule an appointment with our detailing department.

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